Jeanniene co-owner ABADOO

These are very difficult times.  Unknown territory that no one could have imagined.

I think normally when we hear the word STRONG we immediately think of physical strength. 

At a time like this STRONG means so much more than that.  For Local Business it means being strong to endure difficult times, difficult decisions for our businesses.   Strong is keeping it together for our staff and keeping up hope that things are going to change and get better.  Strong is the ability to adapt to new circumstances and evolve into a new normal that is existing for us right now and in the future.  Strong is coming up with new ideas and strategies to keep our businesses open and our staff employed.

We as Local Business are STRONG and together we will prosper.  The movement of #localstrong is important.  Let’s remember at this time that everyone is all in this together, everyone is going thru similar challenges.  It is important to take a moment to breathe and then do The Next Right Thing (yes I have seen Frozen 2 a few times).  This movement suggests that we should think about where we are buying things from and encourages us to shop local.  There are so many choices locally and so many opportunities for people to do their shopping locally in their communities. 

God Bless everyone at this difficult time.  The #localstrong movement is a movement of hope for the future, even when we are still in the middle of the storm.  The storm will pass and there will be new growth.  I personally will not give up hope for the future.  I personally choose to surround myself with positive energy and pull strength from my beliefs both professionally and spiritually. 


Message from Jeanniene, co-owner of ABADOO Promotion Group



Launching #localstrong


Been working on this non-stop since Monday.  It feels like that was days ago...  so excited for the positive impact we can make for all.

The idea was there last week but yesterday in our team staff meeting Jeanniene said something about the "strong" movements.  And in an instant I saw more than what we were looking for...

I wanted to find a way to help us get by this extremely unnerving moment in our history.  When she spoke I saw that now we have a message, a movement, a moral compass moment, to help all LOCAL companies like ours.  A rallying cry for LOCAL people to find HOPE.  Yes it will help us but it can help all.  Here and EVERYWHERE.


I want to make a difference for me and my family, my staff, and my community.  And this can be all of that and so much more.

Put a sticker on your door of business.  Wear something on your person that proudly states you shop LOCAL.  

This is a moment in time that is showing how important everything LOCAL is to all of us.

The world is proving to be as big as it is and when we get thru this we are all going to be #localstrong



Local vs non-Local

Local vs non-local #localstrong



Let us start a movement to change your LOCAL for the better.

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