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ABADOO Promotion Group (Regina) founded in 1999 is proud to announce our investment & collaboration with KODA Promotional (Regina / Saskatoon / Calgary) an Indigenous Owned & Operated company established in 2023.

 ABADOO continues to operate the same as always in name and function and now is an integral partner of KODA.

 ABADOO Promotion Group of companies is the historic conglomeration of Embroidery Factory, Ab-A-Doo Marketing, Creative Edge Advertising, Carey Advertising, and now KODA Promotional.

 Since the launch of KODA in 2023 the demand from clients for services has been unparalleled. This partnership has now created an environment that allows KODA to exceed and over achieve in all areas while remaining true to the founding principles of KODA.

 KODA Promotional remains a majority owned & benefitting Indigenous Company with ABADOO as a supporting partner with KODA.





Native American term meaning "Friend" or "Companion".





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