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ABADOO Promotion Group is a full service family owned and operated promotional products company that stands behind every project they do no matter the size.  All this assists our customers in receiving great value, great results, and great products on time.

References are available and great service and timely delivery of products is guaranteed.



About us: ABADOO was officially started in August of 1999 but was conceived in the mind of a boy during the 70’s at noon hour.  What began with using a simple name from a loved TV show has grown to a first class promotional products and marketing company.  While we have fun with our name, employees and customers we take great pride in delivering quality products on time and on budget.


Mission Statement: To provide quality, accurate, and timely promotional programs and items for great clients.  Concurrently returning a healthy bottom line to our company, our employees, and our clients while contributing to the community in which we live.


We have made significant in-roads with technology and are always striving to make more advances with our company thru other innovative means. Our ability and infrastructure to handle multiple orders is tremendous.  Together with SAGE, QuickBooks, and Microsoft programs we juggle all our jobs with ease.


General Manager / President - Frank E. McInally

Operations Manager - Jeanniene McInally

Office Manager - Delanne Burgoyne

Account Executives - Morgan Poole , Brian ErbBrian Carey

Admin Support - Liam Murtha, Matthew Sales



Since our beginning we have transformed and evolved.  ABADOO Marketing first began out of a home basement then to shared office space in downtown Regina.  AB-A-DOO Marketing acquired Embroidery Factory in 2008 and moved location to a Hamilton Street in the Warehouse district of Regina.  This acquisition allowed us to take control of all facets of decoration which gave ABADOO the ability to put orders thru quicker than many others in the industry.  ABADOO expanded further in June 2016 acquiring the 32 year old company of Creative Edge in Regina.  This allowed us to grow exponentially again, including representation across Western Canada.  Carey Advertising was absorbed in 2023.  Recently in January of 2024 the sole owners of ABADOO announced their collaboration with KODA Promotional an Indigenous Promotional company founded in 2023.  With head office in Regina and offices in Saskatoon, & Calgary KODA is strategically positioned to become the predominant Indigenous supplier to the PROMO industry in Canada.  ABADOO Promotion Group companies owned solely or partially now include: AB-A-DOO Marketing, The Embroidery Factory, Creative Edge, Carey Advertising, & KODA Promo. 

We provide first class solutions and products for our clients delivered on time and accurately from start to finish.

We have made considerable in-roads with technology and are always striving to make more and significant advances with our company thru technological means.  Our ability and infrastructure to handle multiple orders is tremendous.  Together with QuickBooks, SAGE, and Microsoft programs, we juggle all our jobs with ease.


1999 -  AB-A-DOO Marketing founded


2001 – Operations moved to office in downtown Regina


2008 – Embroidery Factory acquired.  Operations moved to larger space on Hamilton Street Regina.


2016 – Creative Edge acquired.  ABADOO Promotion Group parent company of all initiated.  Operations moved to larger space on Broad Street Regina.


2023 – Carey Advertising acquired



2024 – KODA Promotional investment


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