#LocalStrong support local by ABADOO

This is the start of a great LOCAL movement.

We want to give Hope and make a change for the better in a sea of uncertainty.  We are creating a movement for everyone to rally around WHEN this is over.  A way to start to change your purchasing habits going forward.

A portion of all proceeds will be donated to our LOCAL food bank and YWCA.  While at this time all charities matter we choose the YWCA as they have been a supporter of us and that is why we will support them in this time of need.

You can make a difference in your community by shopping and buying in your local community.  

We are proud to be LOCAL.  We are proud to support our community in any way possible.  Support us in our province of Saskatchewan - we would appreciate it.  We are starting a movement to keep our business open and we welcome others to take the torch in their community.

Request the logo for your own local program in your province or state.  Hire your local promotional company to provide items for you.  

Contact our company ABADOO Promotion Group to co-brand with your logo.  Or have your local company get the logo from us.  We want you to shop in your LOCAL.  We want you to buy from your neighbor in your LOCAL community.  Not from a faceless online store (unless they are in your LOCAL).  

Call us if you want to talk to a real person.  My name is Frank and I want to make a difference in my community and YOURS.  

Put the focus back on your local economy.

In a world full of choices LOCAL matters.

Together we can make a difference



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